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Tips for optimizing your learning experience, participation requirements, and explanation of media waiver.

  • A major goal with this work is for your clients to develop their interoception. You will learn to facilitate this by helping them to recognize and interpret feelings of ease and distress, which helps them to understand and honor their body's wisdom. This is sophisticated work that emerges through conversation. It is best learned in real time, interacting with me during class, therefore I ask that you do your best to attend class live, rather than rely on the class recordings.

  • Everything you learn in this course will enhance the sessions you do in your office, clinic, or studio, however during the course, I ask you to practice leading two or more individuals (not groups) through a series of sessions online via Zoom. The rest of your practice sessions can be in-person. The curriculum progresses in a way that helps you develop a supportive, transformative, therapeutic relationship with your clients while working online.

  • Working with clients/patients in the Zoom environment can feel awkward at first, but practice will help you to connect well with your clients online. Being fully present with camera on during class is an important way to ease any awkwardness and grow your confidence, plus it will help me to track your experiences in the class, so your full participation with video camera on is required when you attend class.

  • If you need to miss class, the class recordings will be available within twelve hours. If there is another cohort, you are welcome to attend the equivalent class in the other cohort. (Within the course you will have access to zoom links for the other cohorts.) I ask that you give me a heads up via email or text, when you plan to miss class or attend at another time.

  • Class recordings, or portions of the recordings, may become part of future course offerings. Because we are learning to see and track how our clients experience the work, future students may benefit from seeing you receive and do the work. Your participation in the live classes means that you have agreed to this use of the class recordings.

  • Several kinds of scholarships are now available, including a 50% scholarship for Black and Indigenous people in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. Paste this URL into your browser to learn about this scholarship and more:

  • To read more about this course and where this work comes from, paste the following URL into your browser: Or, click one of the course cards below, then scroll down to preview course content.

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy: Life happens and sometimes it is necessary to change your plans. If you are not able to finish the course due to a major life event, I will gladly transfer your enrollment to a future course and you can keep access to the one that got interrupted by life. If you change your mind altogether, deciding in the first Module of the twelve-week course that this course is not what you want, you may receive an 80% refund and your access to the course will end in the second week of the course. (If you are paying in installments, your remaining payments will be cancelled and anything paid beyond 20% of your full tuition rate will be refunded.) If you change your mind before the first class starts, you may receive a 90% refund.

  • On the horizon (possibly in June or July 2021) -- an opportunity to purchase access to the Technique Videos only, as individual modules for independent study, without the small group mentoring that you will receive in the Labs and Seminars in the full program..