Enthusiastic course participants have included:

yoga teachers, yoga therapists, Pilates trainers, physical therapists, physios, osteopaths, occupational therapists, structural integrators, and massage therapists

You and your clients or patients will feel more agile and resilient!

Release fascial restriction of nerves and vessels through active movement combined with simple hand contacts. (Learn to lead your clients or patients through a customized series of self-treatment sessions.)

  • Improve function where there is a history of old injury and physical trauma. 
  • Fine-tune the body for better performance. 
  • Prepare the body for receiving traditional myofascial work.
  • Complement various manual therapy approaches.

When you have reduced the body’s subconscious need to protect the neural and vascular networks, your client will have better proprioception, more productive stretching, more efficient movement, and greater freedom. 

Your client will be ready to advance their movement practice.