Manual NVR courses (for manual practitioners only)

Currently, the tuition for each of the Manual NVR courses (Parts 1-4) is $1000, whether in-person or distance-learning format. The cost of Part 5 varies depending on location, class size, and number of days.

Buddy Discount

Discount available for Part 1 and Part 2 courses, if you and your buddy live in the same town. (The whole point is to encourage you to practice and receive this work in between courses! Recruit a friend to help you deepen your learning!)

Both practitioners check in with Kier before registering (via WhatsApp or text 1+502-720-7403). Each of you will receive a 25% discount.


If you took one or more Nerve and Artery courses with Kier prior to 2019, schedule a zoom call to determine the best course for you to resume your studies. 

If you took Manual NVR Part 1 or Manual NVR Part 2 after 2019, you may review either course for free online or for 50% tuition in-person.

Movement-Based NVR courses (for movement teachers and manual therapists)

The Movement-Based NVR Home Study Modules (curated class recordings) will be released in March 2024. 

The Movement-Based NVR Labs (the live online mentoring portion of the Movement-Based NVR Program) will begin in October 2024 and end in May 2025. They will meet twice monthly on Thursdays. These Labs complement the Home Study Modules and advance your practice of NVR with your clients, patients, and movement students.

The 2024 Movement-Based NVR courses (Home Study Modules and Labs) have not been priced yet. Please connect with Kier if you are interested!


Black and Indigenous Reparations Scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous practitioners in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Receive a 50% tuition discount on any course purchased through the Agile Body website when you use coupon code REPARATIONS. 

World Equity Scholarships are available for practitioners in lower-income and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs). A 50% tuition discount is applied to all courses purchased through the NVR website.  I intend to give this tuition discount to practitioners who can charge their clients only half of what practitioners charge in the United States (less than or equivalent to $50 US dollars per hour).

If you live in a lower-middle-income or lower-income country, please email Kier at [email protected] before registering for a course to ask about scholarship availability and receive the coupon code for the World Equity Scholarship.