Each of the Manual NVR courses costs a total of $1000, whether in-person or distance-learning format. 

If you choose a course in Maine, the tuition is divided. Your live class portion is paid to Anatomy Trains ($850, or $750 early bird) and the online supplement--videos, zoom consultations with Kier, NVR online community, and monthly seminars--is paid directly to Kier through this learning platform ($150). 

If you took one or more Nerve and Artery courses with Kier in the past, schedule a zoom call to determine the best course for you to resume your studies. You can pick up where you left off or start again as a Reviewer. (Reviewers taking distance learning or in-person classes who are repeating a course receive a 30% discount on tuition when using coupon code REVIEWER2023 at checkout. This code is not applicable to in-person tuition in Maine, but Reviewers in Maine will have the tuition fee for the online supplement waived. Just ask Kier.)

The Movement-Based NVR Home Study Modules are priced individually and in packages this year, and these will be launched in January 2023. The Labs and Seminars accompanying these Modules will start in March and end in August, meeting twice a month on Thursdays. Please connect with Kier if you are interested!


Black and Indigenous Reparations Scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous practitioners in North America, Australia, and New Zealand — a 50% tuition discount is applied to all courses purchased through the NVR website. Use coupon code REPAIR. (For the courses in Maine, the live class portion of your tuition is regularly priced, but the online support portion of your tuition can be purchased for for $0 with the coupon code REPAIR2.)

World Equity Scholarships are available for practitioners in “developing nations” — a 50% tuition discount is applied to all courses purchased through the NVR website. For this scholarship, developing nations are places where the session fees for osteopaths, physiotherapists, and structural integrators are less than or equivalent to $50 US dollars per hour.

Please email Kier at to check on availability for the World Equity Scholarship.