Course curriculum

    1. Self-treatment -- basic NVR neck stretches with anatomy lesson. (This is the first lesson in the Movement-Based NVR Module A course. It will be review for those of you who have watched one of my webinars or taken the Movement-Based NVR course.)

    2. Internal thoracic artery technique demo (recorded during live class in 2018)

    1. Class logistics and orientation to supplemental study materials

    2. Nerve and Artery Study Guide - neck and upper thorax

    3. SURVEY: Questions to answer before the first day of class

    4. Introduction to Manual

    5. 2022 NVR Part 1 - technique manual

    6. NVR Contraindications and Cautions - notes for discussion

    1. Here are the SCM techniques on page 9 that we didn't do in class -- anatomy and technique demonstration

    2. Tips for working with the occipital nerves on yourself (plus a tip for working with clients with sensitive scalps!)

    3. Alar fascia - differentiation behind upper SCM to free the vagus nerve

    4. Freeing the subtrapezial plexus -- self-treatment with ball against the wall

    5. Balancing the jaw muscles -- anatomy and guided self-treatment (from Movement-Based NVR course, recorded in February 2021)

    1. Manual NVR Part 1 class 1 - first segment

    2. Manual NVR Part 1 class 1 - second segment

    3. Manual NVR Part 1 class 1 - third segment

    4. Manual NVR Part 1 class 1 - fourth segment

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