Course curriculum

    1. Your almost done! (Please read)

    2. Anatomy Resources - Netter, Thieme, and the Complete Anatomy App

    3. Orientation to the course

    4. Nerve and Artery study guide — Netter plate titles to Google or to look up in your Netter edition

    1. 2021 NVR-SI Part 1 table of contents

    2. NVR Contraindications and Cautions - a guide

    3. NVR Basic Technique Types — visual and palpatory metaphors for different ways to work with the neurovascular tracts

    1. Self-treatment -- basic NVR neck stretches with anatomy lesson. (This is the first lesson in the Movement-Based NVR Module A course. It will be review for those of you who have watched one of my webinars or taken the Movement-Based NVR course.)

    2. Internal thoracic artery technique demo (recorded during live class in 2018)

    3. 2014 IASI Yearbook Article on benchwork for the intercostal spaces — “Tiger Stripes”

About this course

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