Course curriculum

    1. Orientation to Module B

    2. 1) First Lesson of Module B - Intercostal work

    3. illustrations of intercostal contact points and "wilted flower" contact point

    4. 2) Demo - using a ball on the floor to address spinal erectors. This is for spot work after the intercostal work, as needed.

    5. 3) Demo - using the ball against the wall to address spinal erectors. This too is for spot work. Easier alternative for people who don't easily get up off the floor.

    6. Nicole Session 2 -- full thoracic protocol, working all the intercostal spaces, but no use of ball for spinal erectors

    7. 4) Q&A - after practicing intercostal work

    8. Nicole Session 5 (an example of using "spot work" for the the thorax)

    9. Tiger Stripes article - manual work for intercostal spaces (was written for structural integrators, not required reading, but interesting to check out at some point)

    10. 6) ball technique on the floor for spinal erectors (full lesson)

    11. Movement-Based NVR notes - erector spinae, floor

    12. 7) ball technique on the wall for spinal erectors (full lesson)

    13. Movement-Based NVR notes - erector spinae, wall

    1. 2021 Module B "office hours" extra class (cohort 1)

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