Course curriculum

    1. Orientation to Module C, priorities and timing for video watching

    2. 1) ball on floor - superior gluteal artery and nerve (includes anatomy)

    3. Movement-Based NVR notes - posterior hip, floor

    4. 2) ball on wall - superior gluteal nerve and artery (hip abductors)

    5. Movement-Based NVR notes - hip abductors, wall

    6. 3) iliacus, psoas, and artery supply into lower extremity (we also discuss contraindications and cautions for thoracic and abdominal work)

    7. 4) anatomy - posterior thigh, perforating arteries supplying hamstrings (plus how to share your view of the Complete Anatomy App on Zoom)

    8. Movement-Based NVR notes - thigh lesson

    9. 5a) First part of thigh class - Q&A about psoas work

    10. 5b) Anatomy for thigh techniques (more comprehensive than the other anatomy video)

    11. 5c) Working around the sitting bone (posterior femoral cutaneous nerve, pudendal nerve)

    12. 5d) Working behind greater trochanter and just lateral to upper hamstrings (perforating arteries at posterior lateral thigh)

    13. 5e) Artery supply to hamstrings

    1. Research articles on iliac vein compression syndrome (internal iliac artery compresses common iliac vein, restricting return blood flow from lower extremity)

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