Course curriculum

    1. Orientation to Module D

    2. 1) Posterior compartment differentiation, tarsal tunnel, and sural nerve

    3. Movement-Based NVR - lower leg posterior compartment

    4. 2) Anterior compartment and foot

    5. Movement-Based NVR - lower leg anterior compartment

    6. 3) Patellar tracking, saphenous nerve, and lower body patterns

    7. Movement-Based NVR - patella, ankle, and superficial Foot

    8. Movement-Based NVR - lower body patterns

    9. 4) Shoe tying lesson - how to make a secure bowknot that allows full foot action and doesn't compress nerves on top of foot

    1. 2020 "Fascia and the Circulatory System" (book chapter in Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications)

    2. Research articles on iliac vein compression syndrome (internal iliac artery compresses common iliac vein, restricting return blood flow from lower extremity)

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