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Course curriculum

    1. Your almost done! (Please read)

    2. Anatomy Resources - Netter, Thieme, and the Complete Anatomy App

    3. Orientation to the course

    4. Nerve and Artery study guide — Netter plate titles to Google or to look up in your Netter edition

    5. NVR Contraindications and Cautions - a guide

    6. NVR Basic Technique Types — visual and palpatory metaphors for different ways to work with the neurovascular tracts

    1. Self-treatment -- basic NVR neck stretches with anatomy lesson. (This is the first lesson in the Movement-Based NVR Module A course. It will be review for those of you who have watched one of my webinars or taken the Movement-Based NVR course.)

    2. Internal thoracic artery technique demo (recorded during live class in 2018)

    3. Balancing the jaw muscles -- anatomy and guided self-treatment (from Movement-Based NVR course, recorded in February 2021)

    1. Research articles on iliac vein compression syndrome (internal iliac artery compresses common iliac vein, restricting return blood flow from lower extremity)

    1. Cohort 1b NVR-SI Part 1 class 1 - segment 1

    2. Cohort 1b NVR-SI Part 1 class 1 - segment 2

    3. Cohort 1b NVR-SI Part 1 class 1 - segment 3

About this course

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  • 29 lessons
  • 20 hours of video content