Structural integrators who have graduated from any of the professional SI training programs recognized by the International Association of Structural Integrators are welcome in this advanced SI course series, which leads to Anatomy Trains Certification in Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration.

You’ll be amazed at how transformative NVR techniques are in the context of Structural Integration--so helpful for clients who need an extra nudge to help them emerge from an old structural pattern. 

In NVR-SI Part 1 you will learn techniques that free up the neural network and vascular system throughout the body. You will gain new strategic approaches for classic structural problems. Your work will become more subtle and more efficient, and you will find yourself using less physical effort.

After this first course, you'll want to invite all your "graduated" clients to sign up for a tune-up series that incorporates NVR.

In NVR-SI Part 2, we will dive deeply into all the nerves and vessels affecting the shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, and spinal column. We will work with the vagus nerve supply to lungs and the blood supply to lungs as well.

In NVR Parts 3 and 4we will work into the extremities, discussing lower body patterns and upper body patterns while integrating and reviewing what you learned in Parts 1 and 2. (The NVR and NVR-SI learning tracks merge after Parts 1 and 2.)

NVR-SI Part 5 is a practicum focused on assessment and practical application, in which you will be applying all that you have learned in Parts 1-4 while doing full sessions with client models.

Choosing a path

Start your journey with Manual NVR-SI Parts 1 and 2 or Manual NVR Parts 1 and 2. By the time you have finished Part 2 in either learning pathway, you will have covered the same techniques, just in a different order and context. 

NVR-SI Part 1 is designed to bridge the classic SI approach (broad, deep touch with a pattern-oriented view of fascial manipulation) and an osteopathic style of tissue manipulation (delicate, gentle, tissue-specific manipulation of organs, vessels, fascial support structures, and the neural network). It helps you integrate subtle neurovascular work into an SI practice oriented around "the Series." If you are a new SI graduate, NVR-SI Part 1 will keep your new NVR skills grounded in Series work. 

NVR-SI Part 1 is also recommended for experienced SI practitioners, whether or not you are doing series work, if you want to discuss SI concepts and applications. 

Manual NVR-SI Part 2 will prepare you for Manual NVR Part 3. Or, if you like a bit of repetition, you can substitute NVR Parts 1 and 2 for NVR-SI Part 2.

If you are in a time zone that isn't compatible with the Manual NVR-SI courses that are scheduled, please check out the dates and times for NVR Parts 1 and 2.

2023-2024 Course Schedule