This is the bundle for you if...

you are ready to continue on the certification pathway after doing the Labs and Seminars for Modules ABC, or if you are continuing your studies after participating in NVR Online- Level One earlier in the pandemic.

If you were an Early Adopter who took NVR Online - Level One but not Level Two, choose one single payment or three monthly payments, please use coupon code LEVEL2 for a 50% tuition discount.


Please email Kier at to receive a coupon code for the Black and Indigenous Reparations Scholarship or to check on availability for the World Equity Scholarship.

  • An unlimited number of Black and Indigenous Reparations Scholarships are available for Black and Indigenous practitioners in North America, Australia, and New Zealand — 50% tuition discount applied to all live distance-learning and in-person courses purchased on this website.

  • A limited number of World Equity Scholarships are available for practitioners in “developing nations” — 50% tuition discount applied to all Bundle prices. For this scholarship, developing nations are places where the session fees for osteopaths and structural integrators are less than or equivalent to $50 US dollars per hour.